Pros and Cons of temperament of French bulldog

Pros and Cons of temperament of French bulldog

French bulldogs are adopted by many celebrities these days and the reason is quite obvious. These dogs are highly compatible with human beings and can associate with them in the best way. They have the similar character as that of English bulldogs, but are different in temperament and have less aggressive looks. In fact, French bulldogs have clownish appearance and go well in the most appropriate way from the English or American version. They are easy to train, handle and ideal companions.

The average size of a French bulldog is 16 inches and they weigh maximum 28 pounds, which is much lesser than the English bulldogs. We’ve given some of the pros and cons about the temperament of French bulldogs and this data is clubbed by the owners of these animals. Remember, the temperament and nature of every dog is different and your experience with the Frenchie might be different. This list illustrates the clubbed review of most of the people.

Pros and Cons of temperament of French bulldog


French bulldogs are generally very intelligent and respond to training very quickly. They don’t have a loud bark, which is positive for many owners (especially for people having small apartments). They can behave like excellent watchdogs with proper training. Frenchies will bark only if they see any susceptive element in the house or if you are not able to catch their expressions.

French bulldogs have a good temper in comparison to their ascendants. They are amazing pets and require a lot of love. They give back the affection in form of their lovely gestures. You will love them for their amazing nature.


Some French bulldogs can become stubborn occasionally. They might suffer from gastric troubles and snore very often. Some of them have drooling tendency. They have a difficulty in breathing and are bad swimmers. So, you can’t have them with swimming pool in the house. These dogs get respiratory troubles and heat strokes due to small nose and flat face.

You can make the decision about owning this dog, if you are aware of the pros and cons of keeping them.

Michael White / July 7, 2016 / French Bulldogs