French Bulldogs Major Needs

French Bulldogs Major Needs

Dogs are different, like human beings. Even within the same breed, no two dogs are the same. Each dog has different nature and should be regarded as such. French bulldogs have special needs, which can keep them comfortable and happy. It is the major point in the well being and nature of a dog.

Major needs of French bulldog:

Shelter and Comfort

French bulldogs are sensitive dogs and they can’t resist the hot weather. They may suffer from the heat stroke if they are exposed to sun or heat for a long time. Frenchies are indoor dogs, which maybe left in small spaces restricting their movement. They need comfortable environment to sleep and move around. The dog requires staying in the right place and gets the appropriate environment. French bulldogs require ventilated space and water availability all the time as they can get heatstroke very easily. The mess around the dog should be cleaned and beddings should be washed to avoid mess. In general, every dog should be kept in hygiene to avoid any germs accumulating around them.

French Bulldogs Major Needs


French bulldogs required balanced diet supplying all the nutrients in appropriate levels. These animals can get obese very soon and hence, supplements are necessary for them to avoid any negative effects due to deficiency.


French bulldogs have a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise can maintain body and get it into good body shape and also, makes a person fit and fine. French bulldogs can become obese very soon and you need to give them appropriate diet for their good health. Never exercise the Frenchie or take them out in the day heat. It is always better for them to exercise or walk before or after sun rise. French bulldogs are bad swimmers and the owners need to make sure that they provide the dogs with their needs in the appropriate way.


French bulldogs should be taken for regular checkup and their vaccinations should be given up to date. These dogs can easily get allergic due to unwanted substances in the environment and necessary precautions should be taken for their better health conditions.

French bulldogs should be bred in the presence of specialist veterinary doctors and breeders. Spaying or neutering is necessary for the pets and it will reduce some risks involved with their health.

Love and Care

French bulldogs love to get your attention and care. They will love to be the center of attraction in the family. They demand for all the happiness by getting pampered from the owner. The neglected dog becomes aggressive and destructive and stress causes the development of health problems. The owners should spend uninterrupted time with the dogs and take them to walk or play with them to give them attention.

French bulldogs are best companion dogs and would love you for all you do for them. These dogs have a great tendency to learn quickly and if you train them with love and patience in initial stages, they will grow to be faithful and loving dogs.

Michael White / July 7, 2016 / French Bulldogs
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