Choose the right French bulldog pups

Choose the right French bulldog pups

French bulldogs are nicknamed as Frenchies and they are originated from the English Bulldogs. These dogs were loved by the French people after the English workers took them to French soil in 1860s. These miniature bulldogs were loved for their temperament, appearance and companionship with human beings. These dogs even go well with kids or other pets at home. to learn more , click here.


French bulldogs are lively and amicable. They are well behaved and less aggressive. You can even accommodate these dogs in a small apartment or house. They are affectionate by nature and playful with all the family members. They love going to the walks, but take them only if the weather is cool and for shorter periods. Majority of Frenchies are cool and calm in nature, but some of them may be obstinate. Training your dog in the right way will put them in right direction.

Choose the right French bulldog pups


French bulldog puppies are lovable and you need to give them sufficient time in the beginning for making them closely attached to you. Don’t make them a burden for you and read a lot about them before bringing them home. You can also ask the breeder or vet expert about them.

  • French bulldogs snort, snore and slobber and you shouldn’t bring them if you have issues with these things.
  • The dogs have low bark noise and if you are bringing them as watchdogs, think twice. The might not be a great choice when it comes to seeking security from them.
  • This breed is the best for you if you lead a busy lifestyle and need a pet which doesn’t require too much of outing or exercising.
  • You should avoid them if you have a swimming area at home as these dogs are bad swimmers due to their body shape. Frenchies can’t swim at all.

Michael White / July 7, 2016 / French Bulldogs